10 Steps to Turning Your Biggest Stress into Your Greatest Strength

It was 1981 in Tehran and I was seven years old. My mother said, “don’t forget to turn on your radio before you go to bed.” So, I turned on my radio, turned up the volume and went to bed. There was no programming, it was silent. Around 2 in the morning, a loud siren blared through the radio and frantically I flew out of my bed. With my family, I ran out the door and ran down the hallway. We ran down the stairs all the way down to the basement where other people were waiting. We were all very scared. Then the engines of a fighter jet roared overhead, and we heard the high-pitched whistle of a bomb that had just been dropped. The whistle got louder and louder as the bomb was getting closer and closer. However, you couldn’t tell where it was, because the sound was too high-pitched. It could have been a mile away, or it could have been right over our head, and all we could do was wait, and hope, and pray. Then finally, I heard an earthshaking explosion, lights flickered, the walls shook but our building was still standing. I realized I was still alive. Unfortunately, I also knew that there were others who had probably just lost their lives.

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