This year has been stressful AF. In our modern world of convenience, what do we ACTUALLY know about managing stress with a non-medicinal approach? Meet Dr. Amir Rashian, founder of Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center in Baltimore, MD. Step into his office.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Chiropractor and Author Dr. Rashidian. He shares his very powerful story on why he became a chiropractor. He also shares fo many valuable tips on life and health!

Holding Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Human Biology and a Doctorate in Chiropractic, Dr. Amir A. Rashidian is the founder of the Mid-Atlantic Chiropractic Center. Established in 2006 and serving over 18,000 patient visits annually, the Mid-Atlantic Chiropractic Center focuses on high-tech diagnostics to detect and correct disturbances in the nervous system.

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Dr. Amir Rashidan knew he wanted to be a doctor since he was 9 years old. He decided after an eye opening experience with his fathers paralysis , to become a surgeon and work as a chiropractor. He graduated from George Washington and University and the National University of Health Sciences. He puts his complete […]

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Banish holiday weight gain. Dr. Amir A. Rashidian, local author of “The StressProof Life,” presents “Thankful for Health: Healthy Eating During the Holidays” from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday at The Common Market, 5728 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick. Avoid bloating and weight gain this holiday season. Advance registration is required, and the cost is $15. For […]


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