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We are square into the doldrums of winter. New Year’s resolutions are a distant memory, and snow and ice have made it hard to keep up with exercise. Worse, cold, snowy days make us crave hot chocolate and doughnuts more than ever. But Fat Tuesday has passed, and it’s Lent, the season of austerity. Kinklings […]

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It’s the time of year where many people cannot function without the constant aid of an allergy pill. Amir Rashidian, a chiropractor with Frederick’s Mid-Atlantic Chiropractic Center, has a different idea involving using nutrition and various supplements to reduce inflammation and stop a problem before it really has a chance to start. Rashidian has been […]

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It’s stated in the Bible that the body is a temple. For Pastor Robert Welty, this summer’s winner of the first Frederick Wellness Challenge, that temple had an extreme makeover this year. Welty, who leads the Boonsboro Bible Church, found himself in a precarious position. Once a man of a healthy weight, he started to […]

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FREDERICK —-Many years ago Dr. Amir A. Rashidian traveled to his ancestral home in Iran. His father led him and they had to go part of the way riding donkeys. When they arrived at the village, a woman was in agony. She was about to give birth, but the baby had died inside her and […]


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