Stress is a force of nature

It can make you sick, cause heart disease, stroke, depression, anxiety, and upset stomach.  It will knock you down and keep you there if you let it.

But is stress really the enemy?

Anything worth having, doing, and becoming will always come with resistance, obstacles, setbacks, and most definitely a ton of stress.  How well you do, how much you accomplish, and who you become in the process, is completely dependent on how much stress you can safely handle. Trying to reduce or eliminate stress is the same as turning your back on the dreams and desires of your heart.

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Dr. Amir A. Rashidian

My Desire

My desire is to give you the formula to becoming the kind of person who can handle more stress, without feeling stressed, so you can live a greater life.
The most successful people have a different definition of stress. They never focus on reducing stress. They work on increasing their resilience in the face of stress so that they can take the hits and still keep moving forward. When stress comes their way, they invite it and embrace it. They use it as a fuel and a springboard that propels them toward success.
You can do the same thing.

Start by watching the videos/podcasts in our resources. There you will realize your goals and dreams are attainable and that you can become the person you desire to be, with the ability to do what you want to do and have the life you want right now.

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Cracking The Stress Secret : Chapters 1 & 2, Free Digital Download


Invite me to speak to your group, organization, church, or company. Allow me to teach you in a live setting how to apply the 10-step process to turning your biggest stress into your greatest strength and use it to achieve your best life today. My vision for you is that once you’ve heard me speak, you will never be one of those people who feel defeated and overwhelmed by stress. You will never again hear yourself say that the life you now want is too stressful. You will see clearly that the path to your perfect life is right in front of you and that you are fully equipped to embark on the journey. Click here to see the list of available classes and topics.


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